About Us


Leveraging Excellence to Accelerate Prosperity

LEAP Empowerment, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) educational organization which promotes personal and professional development. 

LEAP Empowerment is represented by it's Iconic Blue and White Parachute Logo symbolizing: Strength, Wisdom, Courage, Trust, Loyalty, Security, Serenity, Logic and Dependability.   

L.E.A.P. wants to help individuals take that fearful STEP which requires action to achieve a better future and increased bottom line. 


Mission & Vision

Our MISSION is to provide individuals with the tools necessary to succeed in an always changing economy. 

Our VISION is to use excellence to be the first choice for individuals or corporations in need of professional development.

LEAP will achieve its mission and vision by:

Developing Strategic Partnerships

Providing Access

Conducting Educational Programs,  workshops and social events



Networking & Education

(Workshops, Seminars, Events) 


(One on One, Small or Large Groups) 

Talent Development

(Resume Critique, Interview Prep, Presentation Skills, Customer Service and Leadership) 

Meeting Facilitation

(Organization and Preparation)

Our Market(s)